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ditch v

1 tr, intr: To leave or stay out of (school) without permission; to be truant.esp central California, southern CaliforniaSee Map

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  • c1939 in 1984 Lambert–Franks Voices 72 OK, Us kids would ditch school and go bum a ride off some truck driver and fool around out in the field all day long.
  • 1942 Berrey–Van den Bark Amer. Slang 839.2, Absent Oneself; “Cut” Class. . . Ditch.
  • Ibid 839.3, Play Truant. Ditch—, skip . . school.
  • c1950 Atlas Checklists WV, Ditch school. [Used by] Black male, 31 years old. Mostly Bluefield State College.
  • 1960 PADS 34.44 nCO, Ditch school ‘play hookey.’
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. JJ6, To stay away from school without an excuse
    Infs CA1, 14, 80, 96, 135, 177, 183, OH84, Ditch; CA59, 66, CO39, IL44, 59, Ditch school. [6 of 13 Infs young]
  • 1967 DARE FW Addit IL, High School student says to ditch school is to stay away without an excuse.
  • 1971 Bright Word Geog. CA & NV 200 c, sCA, He . . skipped class . . ditched.
  • 1978 DARE File sCA (as of 1940–59), In Long Beach, California, we always spoke of ditching school. Playing hookey was our parents’ and teachers’ term. “I ditched school today. Did you ditch too?” someone might say.
  • 1982 Grit (Williamsport PA) 4 July 17, He’ll think back to the days when he wouldn’t have minded “ditching school” and going fishing instead.
  • 1984 DARE File AZ, The boys decided to _____ school one day: ditch.
  • 1986 Capital Times (Madison WI) 27 Mar 14/5 CO, He is their high school’s biggest jerk. He treats others shabbily, ditches and fails most of his classes, . . and bullies anyone who will tolerate it.
ditch v 1 + var (Qu. JJ6)

2 See quot.

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contains DARE survey quotes
  • 1967 DARE
    Qu. Y18, To leave in a hurry: “ . . We’d better _____.”
    Inf CO27, Ditch.