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larruping adj

Pronc-spp larapen, larepin, lar(ri)pin; for addit varr see quots

1 also tad-larruping; Esp of food: delicious, excellent; hence adv larruping extremely—usu in comb larruping good.[larrup v 1, by analogy with whopping, thumping; cf EDD larruping (2) (at larrup v. 1)]esp West Midland, Texas, OklahomaSee Map

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  • 1905 DN 3.86 nwAR, Larrupin’. . . Good. ‘I’ve got something larrupin’ for you.’
  • 1921 DN 5.113 CA, Larapen, laraping. . . Accent first syllable. . . very good; . . exceedingly. Of southern origin. Widely current in California.
  • 1923 DN 5.213 swMO, Larrupin’. . . Exceeding pleasant to taste.
  • 1929 AmSp 4.330 TX, Larripin. . . seems to be complimentary in its nature as one hears of “larripin good” pie or soup.
  • 1939 (1973) FWP Guide Montana 414, Larrupin’ truck—“Great stuff.”
  • 1939 FWP Guide Tennessee 458 cwTN, “They” (sorghum is never referred to as “it”) are “larrupin good truck” for the table.
  • 1942 Perry Texas 138, A tasty dish is “larrupin’,” which could have come from the use of the same word meaning a “beating,” thus developing a connotation of superiority.
  • 1943 (1970) Guthrie Bound for Glory 48 cOK, Anything you like real good an’ ain’t got fer a long time, an’ then you git it, that’s larepin’.
  • 1949 PADS 11.23 CO, Larrupin’. . . Extremely. “Larrupin’ good food.”
  • 1959 VT Hist. 27.147, Larruping. . . Slang. Extremely. Occasional.
  • 1960 Criswell Resp. to PADS 20 Ozarks, Larrupin—exceedingly good to the taste; first rate, top-notch; plenty good.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. KK1a, . . Very good—for example, food: “That pie was _____.”
    Infs IL25, NE11, OK9, 27, 31, TN26, TX1, 81, Larruping; IL96, TN23, 31, TX35, Larruping good; MS1, Ain’t that tad-larruping; NM9, Larrupin’ dope—cowboy used to say; TN36, Larruping good truck;
    Qu. DD15, A person who is thoroughly drunk
    Inf LA14, Larruping drunk;
    Qu. LL35, Words used to make a statement stronger: “This cake tastes _____good.”
    Infs IL135, LA28, MO7, OK25, TN31, TX98, Larrupin(g).
  • 1975 Gainer Witches 13 sAppalachians, Larpin’. . . very, exceedingly. “This pie is larpin’ good.”
  • 1976 Harper’s Weekly 26 Jan 19 cKS, If the pecan pie at the family reunion was delicious, people . . proclaimed, “This pie is absolutely larapin.”
  • 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance , 1 inf, nwLA, Larruping—really good; 1 inf, cwFL, Larruping good.
larruping adj 1 + varr (Qq. KK1a, DD15, LL35)

2 By ext: see quot.