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pelota n

Also pelotaka[Span]esp southern Idaho, eastern Oregon

A game played in a court with a ball and a wicker racket; see quot 1971.

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contains DARE survey quotes
  • 1967 DARE
    Qu. EE11
    Inf TX5, Pelota [pɪˈlotə]—handball.
  • 1967 DARE FW Addit seOR, Most of the people of Jordan Valley are of Basque descent, but few who are younger than 45 can speak the Basque language. . . The huge pelota court stands crumbling in the middle of the town.
  • c1971 Hall Snake River Valley sID (Do you know a term for a very fast game played with a ball and a sickle-shaped basket which may be strapped to the wrist? The ball is hurled against a wall by one player and caught and hurled again by another) 4 infs, Pelota; 1 inf, Pelota [FW sugg]; 1 inf, Pelotaka.
  • 1977 Jones OR Folkl. 43, [Caption:] Pelota court in Jordan Valley. Pelota is a Basque hand-ball game.
  • Ibid, Pelota is a traditional Basque hand-ball game. Many of the Basque people who settled in Eastern Oregon are Spanish Basques who came over here starting in the early 1900’s, often on contract to work as sheepherders.
  • 2000 Launspach ID Dial. Project 6 seID, (A very fast game played with a ball and a sickle-shaped basket) 3 infs, Pelota.