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raise, v contains mapscontains audiocontains DARE survey quotes


Past, past pple: usu raised; also:

a raise.

b riz, rose, ruz.Note: Historically, these forms belong to rise.

Transitive senses.

1 To rouse (usu a game animal) into moving; to start, flush.

2 To cause to show oneself, rouse; to find (someone or, rarely, something).


a To bring up, form the manners of (a child).Note: Despite a long history of usage-book disapproval, this sense is used throughout the US by speakers of all social groups and levels. The comb raise up in this sense is more restricted in distribution and is treated separately at B3b below.

b with up: See quots.chiefly South, South Midland

esp freq among speakers with little formal educ
Cf C2b below

4 To restore (one confined to bed) to health.

5 To begin or lead (a song).esp South

6 To reach the top of (a hill or rise).

Intransitive senses.


a Used in var senses where rise would be std.

b Spec; rarely with up; of bread dough: to increase in volume by the action of yeast.widespread exc South, Texas

2 Used in var senses that do not correspond to std senses of rise, as:

a Of animals: to live and reproduce, breed.Southeast

b usu with up; Of a person: to grow up, be reared.esp Southeast

Cf B3b above

c Of plants: to grow, flourish.