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dip, n contains mapscontains audiocontains DARE survey quotes

1 A valley or ravine.

2 The amount of snuff that adheres to a brush or dipping stick 1; the action of taking a portion of snuff in this manner.chiefly South, South Midland

4 Liquid crude turpentine.South Atlantic

5 also dipping, dippy: A sweet sauce for pudding, ice cream, pie, cake, etc; by ext, cream.scattered, but esp North Central

6 also dipping, dippy: Gravy, meat drippings; infreq other flavored liquids in which food can be dipped.

8 usu in comb salt dip; also dipper: An open container from which salt may be dipped.chiefly Inland North

9 A ladle.

10 A dip net.

11 A hard blow; a jolt.

12 See quots.

13 A pickpocket.