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cutter, n contains mapscontains audiocontains DARE survey quotes

1 A light horse-drawn sleigh used primarily for passengers and having a single set of runners.chiefly North, exc eNew England

2 An inferior grade of beef animal, a cull or reject; inferior beef from such an animal.scattered, but chiefly Midland

3 A fine fellow; also transf to an animal.

4 also cutter-out: One who separates cattle from a herd; a horse used in separating cattle.West

5 A foxhound that tries to anticipate the fox’s path rather than following the scent.chiefly South Midland

6 One who earmarks cattle.

7 A revolver.

8 also attrib: A sharp blade in front of a plowshare to cut roots or other impediments; a colter; hence cutter the plow itself.chiefly South Midland