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kernel, n

king mackerel, n

king’s ex, exclam, n contains mapscontains DARE survey quotes

chiefly west of Missip R, Gulf States, Ohio Valley

Used to demand a pause, exemption, or truce during a fight or game; the momentary truce or state of immunity so demanded.

kiss-me-and-I’ll-tell-you, n

know, v

lagging line, n

lagniappe, n contains mapscontains DARE survey quotes

chiefly Gulf States, esp Louisiana

A small gratuity or bonus included with a purchase; by ext, anything extra thrown in for good measure.

lamper eel, n

lie out, v phr

ling, n

loggerhead, n

lord god, n

love bug, n

low sick, adj phr

maguey, n

maiden cane, n

make, v1

manner, n

Mardi Gras, n

maw, n