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buck, v2,

buck buck, n contains DARE survey quotes

1 also buck; buck, buck, how many . . up; bucket(t)y buck: A game usu in which one player climbs another’s back and requires that person to guess the number of certain objects out of sight; rarely buck a player in the game.

2 A game in which one group of players climbs on the backs of a second group in order to build as large a pile as possible or to cause the supporting players to collapse.North, North Midland

chiefly urban

bucket, n

buck fever, n

buckle, v

bucksaw, n

buckwheat, n

buddy, n

budget, n

buff, n

bullfly, n

bullhead, n

bull of the woods, n

bum, on the, adj phr

bum’s rush, n

bunch, n

bunch onion, n

bung eye, n

bunk sled, n

bunt, v2