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  • Bibliography Reference: Amarillo Sunday News���Globe x
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boiled owl, n contains DARE survey quotes


1 in v phr feel like a boiled owl: To be physically uncomfortable or nervously exhausted; to be hung over.

2 in adj phrr drunk as a boiled owl, drunker than a ~, and varr: Extremely drunk.

3 in adj phrr tough as a boiled owl, tougher than (a) ~.

boogerbear, n contains mapscontains DARE survey quotes

2 also attrib: An object of fear, difficulty, or annoyance. chiefly South, South Midland

3 Used as an affectionate nickname for a person or animal or as a proper name for a pet.chiefly South

4 An ugly woman.

?chiefly among Black speakers

5 in phr ain’t no boogerbears out tonight: See ain’t no boogers out tonight.

bow up one’s back, v phr contains DARE survey quotes

chiefly South, South Midland; scattered West

1 To assert oneself, resist stubbornly, “dig in one’s heels.”

boy howdy, exclam

chiefly South, Central, Southwest

Used to express surprise or admiration, or to emphasize a statement.

wheat bird, n contains DARE survey quotes

6 Either of two similar birds: blue grosbeak or indigo bunting.