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airish, adj contains mapscontains DARE survey quotes

1 Chilly, windy, drafty.chiefly South, South Midland

2 Conceited, self-important, arrogant.formerly widespread, later chiefly South, Midland

formerly in general use, later esp among Black speakers; now old-fash or obs

3 also airy: Effeminate in manner.

tobacco, n contains audiocontains DARE survey quotes


1 |tə(r)ˈbækə(r)|; also aphet |ˈbækə(r), ˈbæko|; pronc-spp bacca, baccer, bacco, baccur, backer, baker, terbaccer, terbacker, terbakker, terbarker, tobaccer, tobacker, tobakker, torbarker, tuhbackuh.chiefly South, South Midland

2 |təˈbæki|; also aphet |ˈbæki|; pronc-spp baccy, backy, t’baccy, tobaccy, tobacky.

3 Pronc-sp tobac.


Std: a plant of the genus Nicotiana, esp the cultivated N. tabacum.

van, v contains DARE survey quotes

chiefly New England

To swear, declare; to swear to (someone); also used as an exclam in phr by van.

wallow, n, v contains DARE survey quotes

For addit exx, see B below

As verb.

1 also with around: To roll, tumble (someone or something on a surface or in some soft or sticky substance); to push or stir (something) about; fig, to turn (something) over (in one’s mind).chiefly South, South Midland

2 also with around: To handle roughly or inappropriately.

3 To throw (someone) down in a fight or wrestling match; to beat severely, wallop; also fig.chiefly South, South Midland

4 with down: To flatten (grass, crops, snow, etc) by or as if by rolling or trampling; to push (something) over by leaning on it; hence ppl adjs wallowed (down) crushed by or as if by being rolled on.esp South, South Midland

5 as ppl adj wallowed up; Of a bed: rumpled.

6 with out: To make (a depression), make a depression in, by lying or rolling.


a with out: To erode (a depression), enlarge (a hole) by repetitive action; esp, to cause a bearing or other machine part to become worn out of shape or fit; hence v phr wallow off to wear off; ppl adjs wallowed off (or out) worn out of shape or fit.chiefly South, South Midland

b with out; intr: To become hollowed or worn.


a with out: To loosen (something) from the ground by working it back and forth.

b intr: To become loosened by rocking back and forth.