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chun, n

Korean 1972 Carr Da Kine Talk 109 HI , The taste for Korean food has grown in Honolulu since the time of the Korean

Yobo, n contains DARE survey quotes

Korean yobo used as a familiar, second-person form of address, esp among married couples HI A Korean or person of Korean


A Korean or person of Korean descent.

abuji, n

Korean HI A father. 1972 Carr Da Kine Talk 109 HI , Among loanwords of wide circulation are . . terms of respectful address: abuji ‘father.’


A father.

ajusi, n

Korean HI An uncle. 1972 Carr Da Kine Talk 109 HI , Among loanwords of wide circulation are two terms of respectful address: abuji ‘father’ and ajusi ‘uncle’.


An uncle.

alphabet, n, also attrib

... Calque from Japanese or Korean : see quot HI Any letter of the alphabet. 1972 Carr Da Kine Talk 121 HI...


Any letter of the alphabet.

round eyes, n pl, but sg in constr— Caucasian, haole. 1986 Chapman New Dict. Amer. Slang np, Round-eye . . esp Korean War armed forces— A Caucasian as distinct from an Asian....

A Caucasian.

dog eye, n

...or supplicatory stare is the dog-eye or the moose-eye (‘And here is this big Korean dog-eyeing me all the time’). 1986 NADS Letters AR , [A dog eye is a] str...

1 See quot.

2 also dog’s-eye: In marble play: see quot.

three-seeded mercury, n

...leading authority on what wild animals eat. . . Next to grapes, Korschgen found Korean lespedeza 9.7 per cent, . . three-seeded mercury 2.1....

A plant of the genus Acalypha, esp A. virginica.

zori, n contains DARE survey quotes

...t encountered the rubber, foot shaped zori in late 1951. Several veterans of the Korean War . . wore these “Japanese shower shoes” around the barracks. . . [T]hey wer...

esp Hawaii, West

A thonged sandal, esp one made of rubber.

bug, v contains DARE survey quotes

...aste, as in ‘they bugged out of Seoul,’ or the ‘Bug-out Boogie!’ Slang used in Korean war. 1966–69 DARE Y18 , To leave in a hurry Infs AL 41 , ID 5 , WA 33 ,...

1 To cheat or deceive.chiefly South

2 usu intr and foll by out: Of the eyes: to (cause to) bulge, esp in astonishment.

3 with down: See quot.

4 To bother, annoy, vex.

earlier chiefly among young speakers, now widespread

5 See quot.

6 usu with out, occas with off: To retreat or leave, esp in haste.

7 See quot.

cut, v contains audiocontains DARE survey quotes

... had my tonsils removed” . . is probably a loan translation from the Japanese or Korean , where parallel forms are used. in var phrr : To expel intestinal gas. 189...

1 To wound with a knife, to stab; hence vbl n cutting a knife fight, a stabbing.chiefly South, South Midland

2 Of a rodent: to chew, gnaw.

3 To spay.

4 See quots.

5 freq with out: To separate or remove (one or more animals) from a herd; hence vbl n cutting the act of removing certain animals from a herd.West

6 also with off; In railroading: to detach a car or locomotive from a train.

7 To beat or whip (eggs) vigorously.

8 To gather (abalone).

9 See quot.

10 in var phrr: To expel intestinal gas.

11 in neg constr: To tolerate.

12 To understand.

13 with down or up; Transf: to decrease or increase the volume or intensity.