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country, n

cowcumber, n

crawfish, v

crib, n

finagle, v, n

French harp, n contains mapscontains DARE survey quotes

1 A harmonica.chiefly West Midland, Texas, Central

2 A jew’s harp.

frying pan, n

grayback, n

hedge apple, n

high beam, n

Johnson grass, n

keeps, n pl but sg in constr

knuck, n

lagging line, n

larruping, adj contains mapscontains DARE survey quotes

1 also tad-larruping; Esp of food: delicious, excellent; hence adv larruping extremely—usu in comb larruping good.esp West Midland, Texas, Oklahoma

2 By ext: see quot.

live in adultery, v phr

mango, n contains mapscontains DARE survey quotes

1 Any of var fruits or vegetables (as a muskmelon, peach, pepper, or cucumber) filled with a usu highly spiced stuffing and pickled.

2 also mango pepper; pronc-sp mangle: A pepper, esp a green pepper 1.chiefly West Midland

3 also mango melon: A melon (Cucumis melo Chito Group).

mouth harp, n

oats, n pl, but sg in constr

pallet, n