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Region: Appalachiansx
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Adam’s off-ox, n

against, prep, conj

all, adj1

alleluia, n

all is, adv phr

Antony-over, n, exclam contains mapscontains audiocontains DARE survey quotes

chiefly sAppalachians

As noun.

A children’s game in which a ball is thrown over a building to a player or players on the other side. The name of the game is usually shouted as the ball is thrown.

As exclamation.

1 In the game of : the phrase called out when the ball is thrown over the building.

2 also Antny back: =pigtail exclam a.

antymire, n

awful, adj

baby buggy, n

back of, prep

backstick, n

bad, adj

baking powders, n

bald, n

ballhoot, v,

bardy grease, n

bat, v3

bayou, n

be, v

beal, v