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aginner n

Also sp aginer, ag’in’er[agin pronc-sp for again C1 + -er]
See also againster

One who opposes some specific position or point of view, or who tends to disfavor anything unfamiliar.

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contains DARE survey quotes
  • 1941 NYT Book Rev. 20 July 15, [Shaw’s] bad taste, ineptitudes and sporadic insults have raised up an army of ‘aginers.’
  • 1944 Morgantown [WV] Post 9 Feb 6/2 (ADD), We hope [the Republican Party] doesn’t become a grab bag for all the aginners in the country—at least, not to the extent of letting the aginners formulate the party policies.
  • 1953 Sun (Baltimore MD) 27 Aug ed B 5/2 (Hench Coll.), Clare Hoffman . . rallied some die-hards from both parties against it. . . The committee’s disapproval was pure, instinctive obstructionism. Clare is a natural “ag’in’er.”
  • 1966–68 DARE
    Qu. HH4, Someone who has odd or peculiar ideas or notions
    Inf MI26, An Aginner;
    Qu. GG39, Somebody who seems to be looking for reasons to be angry: “He’s a _____.”
    Inf PA69, Aginner [əˈgɪnɚ].