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ahkio n, also attrib

Also sp akio[See quot 1955]Alaska

A type of light cargo sled.

  • 1955 U.S. Arctic Info. Center Gloss. 2, Ahkio . . A Finnish term, derived from the Lappish word ‘akja,’ for an open, canoe-shaped sled. Diffused through Scandinavia, the ahkio was adopted by the military as an item of equipment for over-snow movement. The form currently used by the U.S. Army is constructed of light wood, aluminum, or fiberglass; it weighs approximately 25 pounds. Loaded with 100 to 200 pounds, it can be pulled easily by a man on skis or snowshoes.
  • 1973 Fairbanks Daily News–Miner (AK) 27 Nov, [Advt:] Do you need a new Akio Sled? We build them tough [of fiberglass].
  • 1974 Ibid 10 Dec, [Advt:] New Ahkios (cargo sleds) 6 different models ranging from 4′–8′ . . shallow and high sidewall models.