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baby face n

1 =Jerusalem cricket.

  • [1905 Kellogg Amer. Insects 157, On the Pacific Coast occurs . . Stenopelmatus, called sand-cricket or Jerusalem cricket. . . It is found under stones or in the soil, has a large smooth head with “baby-face,” and is believed to feed on dead plant or animal matter.]
  • 1947 Desert Mag. Jan. 22/3 (DA), It appears that the Babyface is actually our old friend the yellow-and-black striped Jerusalem-cricket or sand-cricket.
  • 1977 Larson–Larson Sierra Club Guide Deserts SW 194, [The] Jerusalem Cricket. . . [has] markings which, with imagination, can be seen to resemble a smiling face; hence another common name, “Baby Face.”

2 A woodland star (here: Lithophragma bulbifera).

  • 1956 St. John Flora SE WA 183, Baby Face. . . Dainty, beloved flower of early spring.