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blue norther n

Also infreq blue Texas norther, blue-tailed norther[blue adj 3 + norther a northerly wind]TexasSee Map
See also norther

A cold wind from the north that brings rapidly falling temperatures.

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  • c1856 in 1947 AN&Q 7.144 TX, On page 187 of the second volume of Ordeal of the Union, Allan Nevins, treating of the cattle country of Texas, refers to a record (from the University of Texas Archives) written by an early cattle driver. The driver speaks of a “blew-tailed norther,” which he encountered on a cattle drive sometime around 1856. Such winds, he says, were “very common in Texas 40 to 60 years ago.”
  • 1873 Morrell Flowers & Fruits 234 TX, A blue Texas norther whistled around my ears.
  • 1942 Perry Texas 90, Even more Texan are the blue northers that sweep out of the Panhandle under a blue-black sky and sometimes slam the temperature down thirty or forty degrees in a single night.
  • 1965 Teale Wandering Through Winter 160 TX, During one of our last days at Rockport, a blue norther struck.
  • 1967–70 DARE
    Qu. B18, . . Special kinds of wind
    16 Infs, TX, Blue norther.
  • 1970 Tarpley Blinky 58 neTX, A strong cold wind from the north. . . Blue norther.
  • 1980 AZ Highways Feb 2, Missing too [from the cowboy legend] are references to . . the icy grip of a “blue norther.”
blue norther (Qu. B18)