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chicken corn soup n, also attrib

chiefly PennsylvaniaSee Map

A soup made with chicken and corn.

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  • 1866 Lancaster Daily Intelligencer (PA) 14 July [3]/1, [Advt:] Ho, for the Continental! Chicken corn soup, Lamb chowder, Turtle soup, Fried oysters, and everything in season.
  • 1877 Lebanon Daily News (PA) 4 Aug [4]/3, [Advt:] Chicken Corn Soup Lunch This Saturday Evening at the Farmers’ Hotel.
  • 1880 Osborne Co. Farmer (Osborne KS) [26 Aug 3]/2, The gentlemen of the party scoured the neighborhood in search of corn, while the ladies prepared the other ingredients necessary for that succulent compound known as chicken-corn-soup.
  • 1917 Harrisburg Telegraph (PA) 16 Mar 8/6, The chicken corn soup supper served last evening by the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Howard G. Calder Post, No. 31, Veterans of Foreign Wars . . was a great success.
  • 1939 Daily Mail (Hagerstown MD) 7 Sept 16/1, Chicken Corn Soup Supper Leitersburg Lutheran Church, Thurs. . . Price 40c.
  • 1964 Amer. Heritage Cookbook 425, Chicken Corn Soup was a favorite in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where it was often served on picnics during the summer. A 4-pound stewing chicken . . 10 ears fresh corn . . Rivels: 1 cup flour Pinch of salt 1 egg Milk.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. H36, Kinds of soup favored around here
    13 Infs, PA, Chicken corn soup; PA242, Chicken corn soup—corn, chicken and rivels (egg and flour drops like noodles);
    Qu. H45, Dishes made with meat, fish, or poultry
    Infs MD27, PA13, 22, 29, 150, Chicken corn soup;
    Qu. H50, Dishes made with beans, peas, or corn
    Infs MD27, PA18, 136, 150, 242, Chicken corn soup;
    Qu. FF1, . . A “social”
    Inf PA242, Chicken-corn-soup supper;
    Qu. FF16, . . Local contests or celebrations
    Inf PA7, Chicken-corn-soup supper.
  • 1980 York Daily Rec. (PA) 9 Apr sec C 8/6, [Advt:] Sprangler’s Supermarkets. . . Delicatessen . . Store Made Chicken Corn Soup lb. 55¢.
  • 1998 Millersville Univ. Center for PA Ger. Studies Jrl. Autumn 17, So, you ask if my children are aware of their PG heritage? Yes, mostly because of the food–I certainly couldn’t give up boiled chicken pot pie, chicken corn soup, shoo fly pie,. . and apple butter and you don’t serve food without the stories that go with it.
  • 2018 Sentinel (Carlisle PA) 9 Nov sec A 9/1, Plainfield Lions Chicken Corn Soup Sale: 9 a.m.-6 p.m., West Pennsboro Fire Hall.
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