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cream cheese n

1 Cottage cheese.esp LouisianaSee Map

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  • 1941 LANE Map 299, The map shows the terms cottage cheese . . cream ch. . . and Irish ch. . . denoting a kind of cheese made of the curds of whole or skim milk, curdled either naturally or artificially. . . Cream cheese is often described as finer and smoother than the other varieties.
  • 1962 Atwood Vocab. TX 61, The southern Louisiana cream cheese (also meaning cottage cheese) has penetrated into, but not much beyond, the southeastern counties of Texas.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. H60, The lumpy white cheese that is made from sour milk
    25 Infs, esp LA, Cream cheese.
  • 1967 LeCompte Word Atlas 290 seLA, (Homemade cheese made out of milk curd)—Cream cheese [17 of 21 infs].
cream cheese 1 (Qu. H60)

2 See quot.

  • 1968 DARE FW Addit New Orleans LA, Cream cheese: A breakfast dessert with cream over sour cheese—sugar is spread over it. [FW: This is neither cottage cheese nor what is sold commercially as “cream cheese”.]