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flannel cake n

Also rarely flannen cake[OED (at flannel sb. 6) 1792; cf EDD flannel sb. 3 “A coarse oatcake”; SND flannen bannock, flannen biscuit]chiefly AppalachiansSee Map and Map Section

A pancake.

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  • 1847 Briggs Tom Pepper 1.112 (DAE), A very delicate species of food, which I tasted then for the first time, called flannel cakes.
  • 1895 DN 1.388 KY, NC, Flannen cakes.
  • 1932 (1946) Hibben Amer. Regional Cookery 21, Flannel Cakes. . . In Mississippi these are eaten for breakfast or supper with sausage or chicken hash; towards the end of the meal they are served with syrup.
  • 1941 LANE Map 289 sNEng, Flannel cake [is used by 3 infs].
  • 1946 PADS 5.22 VA, Flannel cake. . . A pancake; mostly west of the Blue Ridge, also on Chesapeake Bay.
  • 1949 Kurath Word Geog. 69, Flannel cake (flannen cake) seems to be an old Pennsylvania term. It is in regular use from the Susquehanna to the Alleghenies and in the adjoining part of Maryland, including Baltimore. It has been carried southward into the Blue Ridge and along Chesapeake Bay, and westward to the upper Ohio River. In the Pennsylvania German area and the vicinity of Philadelphia flannel cake still has some currency but has been yielding ground to hot-cake and pancake.
  • 1951 AmSp 26.253 NY, Eastern Pennsylvania [words found in Upstate NY] . . flannel cakes (pancakes).
  • 1953 AmSp 28.249 sPA, Flannel Cakes. . . Hot cakes, griddlecakes. Not applied to buckwheat cakes or corncakes. In general use.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. H20b
    17 Infs, chiefly Appalachians, Flannel cakes; MD17, Flannel cakes—same as pancakes, wheat cakes, and flapjacks; the standard wheat pancakes; MD28, Flannel cakes—usually made with sour milk and soda; NY1, Flannel cakes—made with corn meal; PA110, Flannel cakes are thick—[we] slice them; VA33, Flannel cakes are made of the same dough as waffles; WI49, Flannel cakes—very puffy [Inf has read of them]; WV8, Flannel cakes—made thicker than flapjacks.
  • 1973 Allen LAUM 1.283 Upper MW (as of c1950), Flannel cakes, an old Pennsylvania term likely to have been carried by the Scotch-Irish down the Shenandoah Valley, is used by . . [4 infs] with Midland backgrounds.
flannel cake (Qu. H20b)