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flug n

Also sp phlug

Dust or lint that collects in pockets, under beds, and in similar places; also fig.

  • 1934 Wylie Finnley Wren 301 neNJ, The ones we talked about. Where are they now? What are they doing? Bitter fragments on the Lethe. Chips and gobbets. Human flug.
  • 1952 We’re Not Married [Movie] (DAS at phlug), Did you drop some flug in my cup?
  • 1952 San Francisco Examiner (CA) 4 Dec 33/1, [Herb Caen’s column, subtitle:] Pocketful of flug.
  • 1970 DARE File , Flug [flʌ:g]—dust curls under furniture. Heard from “Southern people” in California.
  • 1973 San Francisco Chron. (CA) 19 Nov 29/1 [Herb Caen’s column], In answer to questions from a few mildly interested readers, “phlug” is the stuff that collects in the pockets of aging suits and overcoats.
  • 1980 DARE File NYC (as of 1930s), As for phlug, or flug, in high school and college this was (specifically) the lint that collected in the navel.
  • 1982 Smithsonian Letters KS, A friend from Kansas calls the dust rolls “flug.”