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goozle n

1 also goozlem; for addit varr see quots; often in combs: The throat as a whole, or spec the gullet, windpipe, or Adam’s apple.[Varr of guzzle 1]chiefly South, South MidlandSee Map

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  • 1883 (1971) Harris Nights with Remus 65 GA [Black], He ketch a whiff er de dram, en den he see it on de side-bode, en he step up en drap ’bout a tumbeler full some’rs down in de neighborhoods er de goozle.
  • 1897 (1952) McGill Narrative 261 ceSC, Do let me go. I want to cut Tillman’s d— goozle out.
  • 1902 DN 2.235 sIL, Goozle [guzḷ]. . . The larynx.
  • 1903 DN 2.315 seMO, I got up with a sore goozle this morning.
  • 1906 DN 3.138 nwAR, Goozle, gozzle, guzzle. . . Throat.
  • 1908 DN 3.317 eAL, wGA, Goozle. . . The throat, the neck.
  • 1915 DN 4.184 swVA, Goozle. Variant of guzzle.
  • 1917 DN 4.412 wNC, Goozle.
  • 1927 DN 5.474 Ozarks, Wet yer goozle oncet with this hyar licker.
  • 1938 Rawlings Yearling 275 nFL, If he [=a hog] didn’t have no goozle, he couldn’t squeal.
  • 1939 Harris Purslane 119 cNC, John told them he had a sweet goosel where cider was concerned and couldn’t use hard [=hard cider].
  • c1940 Eliason Word Lists FL 8 wFL, Goozle: The trachea or windpipe. The term is used mostly in speaking of butchered animals.
  • 1942 McAtee Dial. Grant Co. IN 30 (as of 1890s), Goozlem . . gullet.
  • 1947 True 32.104 New Orleans LA [Black], They served real good cold beer in those days. . . It almost froze your goozle pipes.
  • 1954 Harder Coll. cwTN, I heard tell o’ windpipe. We allus call it goozle.
  • c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Goozle(m). . . The neck or throat.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. X7, Other names for the throat: “Some food got stuck in his _____.”
    109 Infs, chiefly Sth, S Midl, Goozle; LA8, VA73, Goozle pipe; TX86, Goozem pipe; VA13, Goozler.
  • c1970 Pederson Dial. Surv. Rural GA (Throat) 1 inf, seGA, [ˈgoᴜs̬əl]; 1 inf, seGA, [ˈgᴜ˅u˅zḷ, ˈgo˄ᴜzḷ].
  • 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance Gulf Region (Neck; throat) 456 infs, (A or your, etc) goozle; 28 infs, Goozle pipe [These resps are said by var infs to refer esp to the Adam’s apple, windpipe, or gullet, or, less often, to the neck or throat in general; a few infs say it is used only of animals.]; 3 infs, Goozler; 2 infs, Gooze pipe—Adam’s apple; 1 inf, Goozling pipe; 1 inf, Goozle bane; 1 inf, Goozle bane—lump part of throat; 1 inf, Goozle bone—Adam’s apple, goozle vein, sugar bone; 1 inf, Goozle bone—where you swallow; 1 inf, Goozle vein.
  • 1987 DARE File nwAL, Goozle [=Adam’s apple].
goozle n 1 + varr (Qu. X7)

2 =goozlum.

  • 1960 Wentworth–Flexner Slang 224, Goozle. . . Anything more or less of the consistency of thickened gravy.

3 A large amount.

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  • 1966 DARE
    Qu. U38b, . . “He made a _____[of money].”
    Inf SC10, Goozle.