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izzard n

Also sp izard

The letter z—used in var fig phrr, as:

a A and izzard: The beginning and end, the epitome of (something).

  • 1835 Nicklin Virginia Springs 19 (DAE), That celebrated spot which is . . the Ay and Izzard of a tour to the Virginia Springs.

b from A to izzard: From beginning to end; thoroughly; in every detail.

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  • [1839 (1969) Briggs Advent. Franco 1.4 eNY, She read the dictionary through from A to izzard.]
  • 1888 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 76.783 eKS, [He] knows “from a to izzard” every detail of a soldier’s needs.
  • 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 242, “From a to izzard.” From beginning to end; from first to last.
  • 1907 Mulford Bar-20 137 West, One man who don’t know nothin’ about prospectin’ goes an’ stumbles over a fortune an’ those who know it from A to Izzard goes ’round pullin’ in their belts.
  • 1908 DN 3.313 eAL, wGA, I know this town from A to izzard.
  • 1949 PADS 11.3 wTX, “He knows the Bible from A to izzard.” Rare. Old-fashioned.
  • 1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.554 c, eNC.
  • c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, He told me everything about his family, from a to izzard.
  • 1966–68 DARE Tape
    • MS15, Then I went on and told him from A to izzard;
    • NJ15A, His mother was a lady from A to izzard.
  • 1968 DARE
    (QR p189) Inf
    CA59, Read him the riot act from A to izzard.

c know (or learn) A from izzard: To know (or learn) the most rudimentary thing.

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  • 1914 Furman Sight 42 KY, I . . never had no chance to l’arn ‘a’ from ‘izard.’
  • 1965–69 DARE
    Qu. JJ15b, Sayings about a person who seems . . very stupid: “He doesn’t know _____ .”
    Infs CA59, FL18, IN30, LA12, NC52, PA7, A from izzard. [5 of 6 Infs old, 1 mid-aged]