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Jersey mosquito n

1 also Jersey, Jersey bird, ~ bomber, ~ eagle, ~ robin, New Jersey (mosquito); pronc-sp Joisy mosquito: A large mosquito B1, esp a salt-marsh mosquito (here: Aedes sollicitans).chiefly NortheastSee Map

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  • 1897 Congressional Record 18 May 1137, I have never been in New Jersey [laughter], but I know the reputation of the New Jersey mosquito.
  • 1906 McHugh Skiddoo 53 (Hench Coll.), When the Jersey mosquito makes you forget the politeness due to your host . . rush hither to your happy little home.
  • 1909 NY Eve. Jrl. (NY) 20 July 10 (Zwilling Coll.), [Cartoon of a man with a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around his head, labeled:] Jersey eagles.
  • 1931 Atlantic City Press 3 Aug. (DA), Has the Mosquito Commission gone on a strike, or are the ‘Jersey Birds’ breeding so fast they can’t cope with them?
  • 1950 WELS WI (Nicknames for a mosquito . . [or] for an extra big mosquito) 5 Infs, Jersey mosquito; 1 Inf, Jersey bomber; 1 Inf, Jersey skeeter; 2 Infs, New Jersey mosquito; 1 Inf, New Jersey.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. R15b, . . An extra-big mosquito
    34 Infs, chiefly NEast, Jersey mosquito; 23 Infs, chiefly NEast, Jersey bomber; 13 Infs, chiefly NEast, Jersey skeeter; 11 Infs, chiefly NEast, Jersey; NJ31, Jersey robin; RI12, Jersey skeeto; PA44, Jersies; CA65, CT23, MA74, NY233, New Jersey mosquito; CA41, New Jersey one; MI109, Joisy mosquito.
  • 1972 Swan–Papp Insects 592, Salt-marsh mosquito: Aedes sollicitans. . . This is the notorious “New Jersey mosquito.” . . Fierce biters and strong fliers, they . . attack in full sunlight.
Jersey mosquito 1 + varr (Qu. R15b)

2 A children’s game; see quot.

  • 1960 Korson Black Rock 325 cePA, [He] recalled memories of his youth in Trevorton, when “Jersey Mosquito” was played there. “In Jersey Mosquito,” he explained, “you pick your intended victim, take him into a room, turn out the light, and then give him the works. Now the ‘works’ may mean pushing him around or slapping him, but did not go so far as bruising him or breaking any bones.”