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jugarum n

Also chugarum, jigarum, jugarum frog, jug o’ rum[Echoic]chiefly NortheastSee Map

=bullfrog 1; also the sound made by such a frog.

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  • 1928 Pope–Dickinson Amphibians 41 WI, Bullfrog. Rana catesbiana. . . Other common names are Jug-o-rum and Cow Frog.
  • 1939 LANE Map 231, Names of the large croaking frog. . . Several of the fieldworkers asked their informants, ‘What does the bullfrog . . say?’ The responses to this question, consisting of imitations of the frog’s croak . . , are given in the commentary. . . 1 inf, cwCT, [tʃʌgərʌmz], nickname for frogs, from the sound of their cry; 6 infs, cCT, sw, ceMA, The bullfrog says [ˌdʒʌgəˈrʌm]; 1 inf, ceMA, The bullfrog says [tʃʌgəˈrʌəm].
  • 1941 Nature Mag. 34.139, The “song” of the bullfrog . . has been worded in a variety of ways, the most familiar of which is “jug-o’-rum.”
  • 1944 Howard Walkin’ Preacher 218 Ozarks, He has learned his music from the orchestration of the many familiar sounds of nature: the calls of birds, . . the “chugarum” of frogs, the chirping of crickets.
  • 1963 PADS 39.13 MA, For the bullfrog, jug-o-rum and jig-a-rum appear to be innovations in Easthampton and Worcester.
  • 1965 PADS 43.21 seMA, A big, deep-voiced bullfrog . . jugarum [1 inf].
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. P22, Names or nicknames for a very large frog that makes a deep, loud sound
    25 Infs, chiefly NEast, Jugarum; CT23, Old jugarum; VT4, Jugarum frog; CT2, 10, 13, MA13, PA1, 83, Chugarum.
jugarum + varr (Qu. P22)