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mango n

1 Any of var fruits or vegetables (as a muskmelon, peach, pepper, or cucumber) filled with a usu highly spiced stuffing and pickled.[OED mango sb.1 4 1699 →; the East Indian mango (Mangifera indica) was at first known only as a pickle; the “mangoes” illustr here were made in imitation of that imported delicacy.]

  • 1806 (1970) Webster Compendious Dict. 184, Mango, . . a fruit from the E. Indies pickled, a green musmelon [sic] pickled. [DARE Ed: The second part of this definition does not appear in Webster’s English model.]
  • 1830 Child Frugal Housewife 89, Musk-melons should be picked for mangoes, when they are green and hard.
  • 1847 (1852) Crowen Amer. Cookery 390, Melon Mangoes.—Get the late, small, smooth, green melon. [DARE Ed: The melons are stuffed with horseradish, cucumbers, green beans, nasturtiums, onions, mustard seed, peppercorns, cloves, and allspice, and then pickled.]
  • 1890 James Mother James’ Cooking 391, Pickled Mangoes. Select green or half-grown muskmelons. . . Peach Mangoes. . . Green Pepper Mangoes.
  • Ibid 392, Cucumber Mangoes. . . Take fresh vinegar, a gallon to one and one-half pounds of brown sugar, boil for fifteen or twenty minutes and pour over mangoes.
  • 1903 DN 2.320 seMO, Mango. . . A kind of pickle made of small green melons stuffed with tomatoes, etc.
  • 1940 Brown Amer. Cooks 395 MA, Stuffed Mangoes. . . Either green peppers or small muskmelons may be used for mangoes. Mix all well together and fill each mango.
  • 1953 Piercy Shaker Cook Book 187, Pickled Bell Peppers. . . The North Union (OH) Sisters made literally hundreds of crocks of these pickled peppers, or pickled mangoes.
  • 1982 Lea Domestic Cookery lxvi, In Pennsylvania and western Maryland, mangoes were generally made with green bell peppers. In Tidewater Maryland . . muskmelons provided the most popular form of local mango.

2 also mango pepper; pronc-sp mangle: A pepper, esp a green pepper 1.chiefly West MidlandSee Map

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  • 1948 WELS Suppl. VA, I was surprised while living in Virginia to see green peppers advertised and sold as “mangoes.”
  • 1950 WELS (Large sweet peppers) 2 Infs, WI, Mangoes.
  • c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Mango. . . Sweet pepper, bell-pepper.
  • 1964 Gourmet May 2, [Letter:] The use of the term mango for bell pepper . . is not limited to Indiana. I have heard it used in Louisiana and Georgia. We once had an old English gardener up in Vermont many years ago, and he always called the green pepper a mango. Bird and chili peppers are also referred to as mangoes.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. I22d, . . Peppers—large sweet
    113 Infs, chiefly W Midl, esp sIL, sIN, sOH, Mangoes; IN41, 48, Sweet mangoes; MO39, Mango peppers; MO5, MO27, Mangles; MO4, Tomato peppers—also called the little mangle peppers;
    Qu. I22c, . . Peppers—small sweet
    15 Infs, chiefly N Midl, Mangoes; IL85, Small mangoes; OK3, Mango peppers;
    Qu. I22b, . . Peppers—large hot
    Infs IN76, KS1, PA150, Mangoes; MO6, Mangoes—not so hot nor so small; KS6, KY52, VA28, Mango peppers; IN41, 48, Hot mangoes;
    Qu. I22a, . . Peppers—small hot
    Infs IL7, MO18, Mango peppers; NJ2, Mangoes.
  • 1970 DARE File KY, sOH, Mango—bell pepper.
  • 1972 NYT Article Letters cnIN, In my home area, green (bell) peppers are called mangos.
mango 2 + varr (Qq. I22a, b, c, d)

3 also mango melon: A melon (Cucumis melo Chito Group).[See quot 1988]

Also called vegetable peach

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  • 1934 (1943) W2 , Mango melon. . . A muskmelon (Cucumis melo chito) bearing orangelike fruit used as pickles and preserves.
  • 1970 DARE
    Qu. I26, . . Kinds of melons
    Inf VA108, Mangoes—small cantaloupes, not an actual mango.
  • 1976 Bailey–Bailey Hortus Third 342, [Cucumis] Melo. . . Chito Group. . . Mango m[elon], orange m., garden lemon, melon apple, vegetable orange, vine peach. . . Fr[uit] yellow or orange, the size and shape of a lemon or orange, flesh white and firm, not fragrant. Used to make preserves and pickles.
  • 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance (Muskmelon) 1 inf, cnGA, Mango.
  • 1988 Whealy Garden Seed Inventory (2d ed) 229, Vine Peach (Mango Melon, Vegetable Peach) . . native American annual, peach size and color, flavor & texture much like mango, easy to grow, . . best when cooked for canning & preserves & pies & pickling whole (for pickling pick while still green).