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maniportia n

Usu |ˌmænᵻˈpo(r)čə|; for addit proncs see quot 1965–70
[Var of Lat mania a potu literally “madness from drinking”]chiefly MarylandSee Map

Delirium tremens.

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  • [1837 S. Lit. Jrl. new ser 1.6.515 seSC, “Mania a potu,” as physicians say [in ref to a drunkard’s hallucinations].]
  • [1850 Garrard Wah-to-yah 265 SW, So ended Hatcher’s tale of Wah-to-yah, or what the mountaineer saw when he had the mania potu.]
  • [1872 (1973) Thompson Major Jones’s Courtship 75 GA, And old Miss Stallins seems like she’d have the hidrafoby or manupotu about it.]
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. DD22, . . Delirium tremens
    Infs MD20, 48, [ˌmænᵻˈpočə]; MD29, 31, [ˌmænᵻˈpɔrčə]; DC8, [ˌmænəˈpɔčə]; MD11, [ˌmænəˈporčə]; MD15, [ˌmænᵻˈpɛočə]; MD36, 42, [ˌmænᵻˈpročə]; LA14, [ˈmɔnəˈpoᴜčə]; MD26, [ˌmænᵻˈpɔrči]; MD34, [ˌmænᵻˈpɔršə];
    Qu. DD24, . . Diseases that come from continual drinking
    Inf MD20, [ˌmænᵻˈpočə].
  • 1983 NADS Letters sMD, Used by the older native population, “maniportia” denotes madness from overindulgence in alcohol. It carries the implication of near violent behavior. . . The following is an excerpt from a local doctor. . . “When the word Maniportia is used it obviously has the same meaning as ‘Delerium [sic] Tremens’ . . the symptoms seen in alcohol withdrawal.”
maniportia + varr (Qq. DD22, DD24)