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miner’s consumption n

Also miner’s asthma, ~ con, ~ lung, ~ puff, the miner’schiefly West, esp California, Nevada, ColoradoSee Map

Any of several lung diseases caused by inhalation of mineral particles or coal dust.

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  • 1945 Western Folkl. 4.322 CO [Mining terms], The miners: Silicosis.
  • 1949 Emrich Wild West Custom 165 West, A miner with silicosis had rock on the chest, rock on the box, the miner’s con or, succinctly, the miner’s.
  • 1960 Korson Black Rock 351 PA, Industrial ballads were sung solo and often without pause between stanzas; exceptions were in the cases of individual singers suffering from anthracosis, or “miner’s asthma.”
  • 1967–70 DARE
    Qu. BB10, . . Names or nicknames . . for tuberculosis
    Infs CO33, 35, 39, 47, NV2, 8, Miner’s consumption; CA59, 123, CO14, 33, 47, NV2, 8, Miner’s con; CO47, Miner’s puff;
    Qu. BB49, . . Other kinds of diseases
    Infs AK1, NV2, Miner’s consumption; PA245, Miner’s asthma.
  • 1968 Thrush Dict. of Mining 840, Pneumoconiosis. . . Also called miner’s asthma; miner’s consumption; miner’s lung.
  • 1969 Kantor MO Bittersweet 287, What are the lungs like, inside that maltreated chest? (Oldtimers in Missouri mining regions used to talk about “miners’ con,” a form of silicosis which in its later stages ran into tuberculosis.)
miner’s consumption + varr (Qq. BB10, BB49)