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parrot-toed adj

Pronc-spp paratoed, parry-toed, pear-toedchiefly Middle Atlantic, South AtlanticSee Map

Having feet that turn inward; pigeon-toed; hence n pl parrot toes inward-turning feet.

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  • 1824 N. Amer. Rev. 19.223, Who ever before thought of General Washington . . marching with the true aboriginal parrot toed gait in an elegant costume of party colored feathers, and porcupine’s quills!
  • 1845 (1969) Willis Dashes 4.215 NEast, To aid the likeness, he is slightly parry-toed.
  • 1849 Lynch Exped. Jordan 91 VA, Most of the Turks walk what is termed “parrot-toed,”—very much like our Indians.
  • 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 312, Parrot-toed. . . Parry-toed, with the toes turned in in walking.
  • 1930 DN 6.82 cSC, Paratoed. . . Pigeon-toed. Probably the expression was originally parrot-toed, although no one associates it with a parrot now. Universal.
  • 1947 McDavid Coll. GA, Parrot toed = pigeon toed.
  • 1950 PADS 14.50 SC, Paratoed. . . Parrot-toed, a milder degree of pigeon-toed.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. X37, . . Words . . to describe people’s legs if they’re noticeably bent, or uneven, or not right
    10 Infs, chiefly S Atl, Parrot-toed; VA69, 73, Parrot toes; FL33, Pear-toed [peɪɚ toᴜd]—they point their toes in when they walk; GA43, Pear-toed—same as slew-footed;
    Qu. X38, Joking names for unusually big or clumsy feet
    Inf NC49, Pear [peɚ]-toed. [10 of 15 Infs Black or Amer Ind]
  • 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance , 1 inf, csAL, Pear-toed = pigeon-toed? [Inf Black]
parrot-toed + varr (Qq. X37, X38)