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pipjenny n

Also pepjinny, pimpjennet, pinjinnet; for addit varr see quots[OED2 pimgenetslang or dial. Obs.” Cf EDD pip sb.1 5 “A small spot on the skin”]esp Delmarva, South AtlanticSee Map

A pimple; also transf.

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  • 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 323, Pipjinny. . . Pimgenet. A pimple; a small bile. Pustule.
  • 1912 Ibid 323, Pinginnet. . . A pimple on the face.
  • 1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.576, Pimpjennet, pimpjenny. . . A pimple.—Central and east.
  • Ibid, Pipjenny. . . A pimple.—Chapel Hill.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. X59, . . The small infected pimples that form usually on the face
    Infs DE2, VA74, Pipjennies; NC6, Pipjenny—little hickies; VA73, Pepjinnies [ˈpɛpǰɪnɪz]; MD36, Pimjinnets [ˈpɪmˌǰɪnᵻts]; MD15, Pimjimmies [ˈpɪmǰɪmᵻz]; DE3, Pinjinnets [ˈpɪnˌǰɪnɪts]—I got some on my face now; MS86, Pipjinnies;
    Qu. BB25, . . Common skin diseases around here
    Inf GA3, Pipjennies—small, infected risings on skin from heat; little fester bumps;
    Qu. BB33a, . . A swelling under the skin, bigger than a pimple, that comes to a head
    Inf FL49, Pipjenny—smaller than a rising; VA69, Pipjinny [pɪpˈǰɪnɪ] is smaller than a rising, but contains white pus and comes to a head.
  • 1968 McDavid Coll. GA, 1 inf, Pipjinnit; 1 inf, Pipginnies.
  • 1981 DARE File GA, My maid left me a note that the pip jenny had come off the vacuum cleaner. Baffled, I sought help from friends. One of them said it is a lump (hump? mump?) on the skin.
  • 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance (Boil) 1 inf, swAL, Pip jennies; 1 inf, ceGA, Pip jennies—small ones; 1 inf, swGA, Pip jenny—a rising; 1 inf, swMS, Pip jenny; 1 inf, cGA, A pip jenny—called this when they’re small; 1 inf, swGA, A pip jenny.
pipjenny + varr (Qq. X59, BB25, BB33a)