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pom-pom-pullaway n

Also pom-pom-Pete-away, pullaway, pump-pump-pullaway, pum-pum-pullaway; for addit varr see quotschiefly Great Lakes, Upper Midwest, Plains States, Rocky Mountains, southern CaliforniaSee Map

A children’s chasing game; see quots; also used as a phr in the game.

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  • 1889 Copeland Hist. Clarendon 369 cwNY, Pom-pom pull-away, leap-frog, crack-the-whip, ring-around, jump-the-rope and anty, anty over, are laid away in memory’s play shop.
  • 1895 DN 1.398, King. A common game among boys is known variously as . . pom-pom-pealaway (Ill., N.Y.), pom-pom-pull-away (Iowa, Minn., N.Y.)
  • 1896 DN 1.422 IA, Pom-pom-pull-away: pron. [pʌm].
  • 1897 KS Univ. Qrly. (ser B) 6.91 neKS, Pump, pump, pull away: children’s game after the fashion of “crack the whip.”
  • 1899 Garland Boy Life 25 nwIA (as of c1870s), The boys always went early, in order to have an hour at “dog and deer,” or “dare-goal,” or “pom-pom pullaway.”
  • 1901 DN 2.145 cNY, Pull-away . . the same as pom-pom-pull-away.
  • 1906 DN 3.152 nwAR, Pullaway. . . A game, also known as “fox and goose,” and played in the water.
  • 1909 DN 3.402 nwAR, Pull away. . . A game.
  • Ibid 414 nME, Pullaway. . . A children’s game. One player begins as stump or catcher. When he calls pull away all the players have to run across a line. Those that he catches come over to his side and help him catch others when pull away is called again.
  • 1910 DN 3.446 wNY, Pom-pom-pull-away.
  • 1914 DN 4.111 cKS, Pullaway. . . A running game.
  • 1916 DN 4.327 KS, Pum pum pullaway. . . Also, as in N.Y., W[estern] Res[erve], pom pom pull a way. A game of children or youths. The leader or “it” faces the rest, usually six or more. He shouts “pum pum pull away.” At this they run toward the goal where he is. Each tagged one assists him to tag others. The sides change goals rapidly. When all are caught they start anew. Neb., Mich.
  • 1917 DN 4.398 neOH, Pom-pom-pullaway [pɑmpɑmˈpᴜləˌwe], the game. And—peel-away. . . [In Ia., [pᴜmpᴜmˈpᴜləwe]. In Vt., “pump-pump pull away, anyway to get away.”] Also Kan., Neb., N.Y.
  • Ibid 404 neOH, Pom-pom-pete-away. = pom-pom-pull-away. W. Mass.
  • 1919 DN 5.76 wMA, Pom-pom-pullaway. In 1898, in Western Massachusetts, I knew this game as pom-pom-pete-away. Pull-away must have been the original form.
  • 1929 Ellis Ordinary Woman 63 CO (as of early 20th cent), Then we played ‘pum-pum-pull-away,’ and how hard I would run, how hard I would try to get away from him, and how pleased when he would catch me, not caring how hard were the three slaps on the back!
  • 1950 WELS WI (Outdoor games that were played during your childhood) 9 Infs, Pom-pom-pullaway; 8 Infs, Pump-pump-pullaway; 3 Infs, Pullaway; 1 Inf, Pum-pum-pullaway; 1 Inf, Pomp-pomp-pullaway; (Games played on the ice in your neighborhood) 2 Infs, Pump-pump-pullaway; 2 Infs, Pom(-pom)-pullaway; 2 Infs, Pom-pom(-poleaway); (Hiding games that start with some special, elaborate way of sending the players out to hide) 1 Inf, Pom-pom-pullaway.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. EE33, . . Outdoor games . . that children play
    113 Infs, chiefly Gt Lakes, Upper MW, Plains States, Rocky Mts, sCA, Pom-pom-pullaway; IA21, IL40, MN12, 23, 42, Pum-pum-pullaway; MI123, Pom-pom-Pete-away—one person in center of area; the rest on one side of room. All run to other side; center person tries to catch one, then another. Object [is] to get everybody in center; NH5, Pullaway—one player has to catch one of a group as they run across a line. Each player caught joins him—shout “pom-pom-pullaway”; SD3, Pullaway—two goals, man in center says “pump-pump-pullaway,” everyone runs toward the other goal. “It” tries to tag them and they become “it”;
    Qu. EE27, Games played on the ice
    Infs IL47, IN69, MN1, UT4, Pom-pom-pullaway; WI47, 50, Pom-pom-poleaway; IL97, Pom-pom—one guy gets in the middle; others have to get past him. He annexes players to his line by catching them; MN21, Pum-pum-pullaway; WA13, Poleaway—on skates; or pump-pump-pullaway;
    Qu. EE12, Games in which one captain hides his team and the other team tries to find it
    Infs CO7, TX18, Pom-pom-pullaway.
  • 1971 AmSp 46.84 Chicago IL, Pom-pom pull away, pom-pom Peter way.
  • 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance , 1 inf, swFL, Pom-pom-pull-away—tackling game, rough.
  • 1988 WI State Jrl. (Madison) 27 June sec D 1/1, Then he spoke of another we did play: Pump, Pump, Pull Away.
pom-pom-pullaway + varr (Qq. EE33, EE27, EE12)