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punee n

Usu |ˈpuneʔe, ˈpune:|; for addit varr see quots
[Hawaiian pūne‘e]Hawaii

A couch or sofa.

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contains DARE survey quotes
  • 1938 Reinecke Hawaiian Loanwords 31, Pune’e [ˈpuneʔe] [ˈpune:]. . . couch. . . F[requent].
  • 1951 AmSp 26.23 HI, Other common Hawaiian words are . . punee (a couch or day bed).
  • 1954 Ellery Queen’s Mystery Mag. 4.31 HI, Anne and I sitting on the punee with the two visiting women discussing the smartest places to dine.
  • 1954–60 Hance et al. Hawaiian Sugar 6, Punee . . [ˈpune-e]. Sofa.
  • 1967 Clark All the Best HI 55, Punee—a studio couch. Hotelkeepers renting rooms and apartments use the word freely, even to malihinis.
  • 1967 DARE
    Qu. E7, The piece of upholstered furniture that you can stretch out on to rest
    Inf HI8, [puˈne-e]; HI9, [ˈpune-e];
    Qu. E9, A piece of upholstered furniture that seats three people
    Inf HI1, [puˈne:].
  • 1972 Carr Da Kine Talk 88 HI, Hawaiian Words Commonly Heard In Hawaii’s English. . . Pūne‘e. Couch.