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pungle v

Also pongal, pungaleAlso with down, up[Span póngale put it down]chiefly West

To shell out; to plunk down (money); to pay up; also fig.

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contains DARE survey quotes
  • 1851 Alta Californian 19 July (DA), A singular genius . . was ‘pongaling down’ huge piles of gold at a monte table.
  • 1857 San Francisco Call (CA) 6 Jan. 2/2 (OED2), ‘Pungale down, gentlemen; come, pungale’, as the vingt-et-un lady used to say.
  • 1867 Terr. Enterprise (Virginia, Nev.) 23 Feb. 3/3 (DA), All night the clouds pungled their fleecy treasure.
  • 1877 Wright Big Bonanza 339, They have kicked the bully Miner; they have ducked him in the ditch, but they can’t make him pungle.
  • 1884 Twain Huck. Finn 41, “I hain’t got no money, I tell you. You ask Judge Thatcher; he’ll tell you the same.” “All right. I’ll ask him; and I’ll make him pungle, too, or I’ll know the reason why.”
  • 1910 E.S. Field Sapphire Bracelet xii.141 (OED2), I’ll have him arrested, and then make him pungle up something handsome before I’ll agree not to appear against him.
  • 1967–68 DARE
    Qu. U8b, . . “I paid ten dollars for it.”
    Infs CA36, OR4, Pungled up;
    Qu. U18, If you force somebody to pay money that he owes you, but that he did not want to pay . . “I finally made him _____.”
    Infs CA15, 36, 87, OR4, Pungle up.
  • 1968 DARE FW Addit CA62, Pungle—“Oh, boy, look at that stuff pungle”—of soil crumbling to reveal rich ore.
  • 1975 Gores Hammett 130 San Francisco CA, Hammett had coffee and pungled up the required fifty cents.
  • 1989 DARE File OR, I’ll contact Belknap Press about a review copy of Volume II, but of course if they can’t provide one, I’ll pungle up the funds to acquire it.