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quill pig n

Also quill cat, ~ hog, quillychiefly North, esp NortheastSee Map


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  • 1856 Putnam’s Mag. 8.254 ME, One or two halts among the cranberry bushes, on which his hedgehogship (quill-pig is the vernacular) was browsing, and . . we stepped over the edge of Katahdin.
  • 1885 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 71.225 nNY, The cabin was . . tenanted only by an interesting family of what the guides quaintly call “quill pigs.”
  • 1905 N.Y. Ev. Post 30 Jan. 6 (DAE), Two years ago the ‘quill pig,’ as it is familiarly known in the Maine woods, was convicted of girdling and killing valuable forest trees.
  • 1909 DN 3.414 nME, Quill pig. . . Hedgehog [=hedgehog 1].
  • 1917 Anthony Mammals Amer. 217, Anyone who has traveled in the woods of the northern United States is familiar with the Porcupine, or Quill Pig. . . In the Adirondacks when deer were formerly hunted with hounds. . . hunters . . shot every Quill Pig they saw.
  • 1928 in 1931 McCorrison Letters Fraternity 172 NEng, One dead quill pig must be near by, for Buster and Mac have both come in several times with their noses decorated with quills.
  • 1947 Cahalane Mammals 575, The porcupine has its quota of natural foes. . . Of course some of these predators, young or inexperienced, suffer . . as a result of blundering encounters and leave the quill pig strictly alone thereafter.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. P31, . . Names or nicknames . . for the . . porcupine
    Infs CO41, ME8, MA58, MT4, NH4, 14, NY23, 148, PA166, Quill pig; MI14, Indians called them a “quill pig,” but I’ve never heard it around here; NY71, Quill pig—old-fashioned; NY183, Quill cat, quill pig; NY20, 198, PA28, 128, TX88, WI62, Quill cat; NY37, 44, Quill cat [FW: Inf has heard]; NY207, TX104, Quill cat [FW sugg]; KY76, Quill hog; MI2, Quillies. [19 of 24 Infs old]
quill pig + varr (Qu. P31)