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schafskopf n

Also schafkopf, schapskopf; for addit varr see quots[Ger Schafskopf, literally “sheep’s head”]chiefly WisconsinSee Map

=sheepshead 5.

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  • 1913 Official Rules of Card Games 205, Schafkopf—(Sheepshead.) . . 32-card pack, 7’s low. . . Object of the Game.—To win in tricks certain cards of counting value as follows: A’s, 11, 10’s, 10, K’s, 4, Q’s, 3, and J’s, 2.
  • 1950 WELS (Card games played a good deal in your neighborhood) 8 Infs, WI, Schafskopf; 2 Infs, WI, Schafko(p)f; 2 Infs, WI, Schaskopf; 1 Inf, ceWI, Schafskof; 1 Inf, ceWI, Schaufskopf;1 Inf, cWI, Shaafs-kopf.
  • 1966 Tomahawk Leader (WI) 3 Mar sec 2 [2/6], Mrs. Roy Larson was hostess to club members at her home Feb. 24. Schafskopf was played and a lunch was served by the hostess.
  • 1968–69 DARE
    Qu. DD35, . . Card games
    Inf MN36, Schafkopf; WI9, [šɑfskʌp]; WI12, [šɑpsko˂pf]; WI30, [šafsˌkəv]; WI40, Sheepshead—same as schapfska—a Polish [sic] word; WI48, [ˈšɑpskɔpf]; WI51, Shapskopf; WI60, [ˈšɑfskɑp]; WI63, [ˈšɑskəp]; WI77, [ˈšɔsˌkɒf]. [All Infs old or mid-aged, 9 of 10 male]
  • 1977 Capital Times (Madison WI) 16 Sept 2/5, The city of Jefferson will put its best Germanic foot forward tonight through Sunday when it celebrates its well known Gemuetlichkeit Days with a variety of activities to include rolling pin throwing and chicken flying contests, bike rally plus euchre and schapsfkopf tournaments.
  • 2001 DARE File cWI (as of 1944), As a small child at family gatherings, I was allowed to watch the adults and older children play Schafskopf in the evenings if I was quiet. Almost everyone played this card game and commonly called it [ˈšɑ:sˈkʌp]. It was also referred to by many others, usually people who spoke German as well as English, as [ˈšɑfsˈkʌp]. Some few used the ‘correct’ German pronunciation of [ˈšɑfsˈkʌf]. My parents, born 1908 and 1912, played Schafskopf from childhood on.
schafskopf + varr (Qu. DD35)