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slick and a promise n

[Var of lick and a promise]chiefly New JerseySee Map

A hasty or superficial performance (of a task).

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  • 1892 Atlantic Mth. 69.379 sME [Author from Philadelphia PA], Much sweepin’ he ’ll get out o’ Eunice; it ’s a slick ’n’ a promise with her!
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. A22, . . ‘To start working hard’: “She had only ten minutes to clean the room, but she _____ [and had it done in time].”
    Inf NJ5, Did it with a slick and a promise;
    Qu. W28, When a woman is in a hurry and has to sew up a torn place quickly . . “I’ll just _____.”
    Inf NJ24, Slick and a promise;
    Qu. KK49, When you don’t have the time or ambition to do something thoroughly: “I’m not going to give the place a real cleaning, I’ll just _____.”
    Infs IN16, NJ11, 18, 55, 57, Give it a slick and a promise; PA59, Give a slick and a promise; NJ4, Give it slick and a promise; MA5, Slick and a promise. [9 of 10 Infs old]
slick and a promise + varr (Qq. A22, W28,     KK49)