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smaller states n pl

With the: The states of the US other than Alaska, esp the contiguous states.

  • 1958 NY Times (NY) 3 July 49/5, Robert Atwood, an Alaskan newspaper publisher. . . said: “The week-ends are spent just as they are throughout the smaller states of the Union.”
  • 1959 Tri-City Herald (Pasco WA) 9 Jan 3/6, The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner . . said that in the future it will refer to the other 48 states as “the smaller states.”
  • 1973 River Times Mar/Apr 5 (Tabbert Dict. Alaskan Engl.), The following article by Reggie Joseph tells about his experiences last fall while touring the smaller states.
  • 1978 Fairbanks Daily News–Miner 9 Jan 4 (Tabbert Dict. Alaskan Engl.), A local beer connoisseur wasn’t impressed with a six-pack of Billy Carter’s ‘Billy’ beer a friend brought back from the smaller states recently.
  • 2002 DARE File—Internet AK, They said someday it would attract mushers from all sections of Alaska the smaller states and even foreign countries.