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tag sale n

A sale of used household items, usu held by a private person or by an organization as a cooperative fundraising event.

  • 1919 Alpha Chi Omega Lyre 23.287 CA, Associated Women Students’ Loan Fund netted $355 at a tag sale, to aid women working their way through College.
  • 1968 Chron.–Telegram (Elyria OH) 2 July 11/7, [Syndicated column:] These make ideal items for a tag sale. One person’s junk can be another person’s finds.
  • 1969 Our Town Reminder (S. Hadley MA) 23 Apr 28, Garage tag sale: April 24, 25, 26 at 217 Willimansett St.
  • 1982 Capital Times (Madison WI) 29 Jan 2/1 NYC, A porcelain food stand, which was bought for $2 at a tag sale last year, was sold for $60,000 to an antiques dealer.
  • 1997 Bohjalian Midwives 65 VT (as of 1981), She sat upon a firm throw pillow my mother had recently purchased at a tag sale.
  • 1998 DARE File seCT, I saw signs advertising “tag sales” in Old Saybrook. A friend said that they are the same as garage or yard sales. She hadn’t heard the term before moving to Connecticut.
  • 2002 Ibid CT, There are old Baedeker guides around. . . I’ve seen them at tag sales, used bookstores, and such.
  • 2003 Vaux–Golder Harvard Dial. Survey (Internet), Terms . . for a sale of unwanted items on your porch, in your yard, etc. [Tag sale, with 3.6% of the 10,736 responses, is reported chiefly from sNEng and the NYC metro area.]
  • 2004 Ibid nwMA, Let’s clean out the hall closet. I bet we can give a lot of that stuff to the church tag sale. Or, we could combine our things with the Jones family’s; they’re planning a tag sale on Saturday.