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tobacco spitter n

Also spitter, tobacco chewer, ~ eater[See tobacco spit (at tobacco juice)]scattered, but less freq North Atlantic, Gulf States, WestSee Map

A grasshopper 1.

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  • 1896 Abbott Bird-Land 229 NEast, Big brown grasshoppers—the “tobacco-spitters” of boyhood days.
  • 1950 WELS (Other names for the grasshopper) WI, 1 Inf, Longhorn hopper known to young farm boys as “tobacco spitter”; 1 Inf, Tobacco spitter; 1 Inf, Tobacco chewer.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. R6, . . Names . . for grasshoppers
    51 Infs, scattered, but less freq N Atl, Gulf States, West, Tobacco spitter; AZ10, MO29, PA58, SC32, WI58, Tobacco spitter [FW: Infs described as children’s word]; IL64, Tobacco spitter—heard that as a kid; PA34, Tobacco spitter—as kids; MS53, NY41, SC21, Tobacco spitter—heard (old-fashioned); IA22, Tobacco spitter—old-fashioned; IL37, Spitters; IA21, MO38, Tobacco chewers; VA47, Bacco [ˈbækɚ] chewer; bacca-chewing son-of-a-bitch; PA68, Tobacco eater;
    Qu. R9a
    Inf GA3, Tobacco spitter.
  • 1970 DARE FW Addit VA, I heard the term tobacco spitter pronounced [ˈbækə ˈspɪdə] from an old woman.
tobacco spitter + varr (Qq. R6, R9a)