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unlikely adj

chiefly Virginia

Of the weather: threatening.

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contains DARE survey quotes
  • 1885 McClelland Oblivion 8 VA, Dick increased his transgression by an inconsequent wonder as to what could have brought a woman abroad in such unlikely weather.
  • 1912 Green VA Folk-Speech 467, Unlikely. . . Threatening, as applied to weather. “I’ll not start if the weather is unlikely.”
  • 1914 DN 4.160 cVA, Unlikely. . . Threatening (of weather). “Hit’s toleble unlikely.”
  • 1924 Bee (Danville VA) 12 Apr 3/5, Despite the unlikely weather of clouds and showers . . interested visitors made the number in attendance about two hundred and fifty.
  • 1949 Limestone Democrat (Athens AL) 15 Dec 5/5, Attendance at last Sunday’s services was slightly off due to the unlikely weather.
  • 1957 Hench Coll. VA, A local congressman speaking before the Tobacco Jubilee meeting said: “The weather is unlikely—we may have falling weather.”
  • 1968–70 DARE
    Qu. B2, If the weather is very unpleasant . . it’s a _____ day
    Inf TN30, Unlikely;
    Qu. B5, When the weather looks as if it will become bad . . it’s _____
    Infs IN48, VA38, (Looks) unlikely; [
    Qu. B8, When clouds come and go all day . . it’s _____
    Inf VA42, Unlikeable weather].
  • 1976 Ryland Richmond Co. VA 379, Unlikely—as of threatening weather.
  • 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance (The weather is _____) 1 inf, cwTN, Unlikely.