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water out v phr

1 To put out (a fire) with water.esp South MidlandSee Map

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  • 1809 (2007) M’Harry Practical Distiller (Internet) sePA, Shut up your furnace door and put in your damper; . . this plan I deem preferable to watering out the fire.
  • 1900 Carter NC Sketches 106 wNC, Before we went we watered out the fire . . ; so it weren’t that as sot the fire.
  • 1912 Daily Democrat (Greenville MS) 14 Feb 5/5, As the cottage was already burned to the ground . . , the department did not attempt to water out the fire.
  • 1966–69 DARE
    Qu. Y43a
    Inf LA2, Water it out;
    Qu. Y43b, . . To put out a fire
    Infs GA77, NC37, 55, Water out (the fire); SC34, Water it out; AR51, Water the fire out. [5 of 6 infs comm type 5, 4 gs educ or less]
  • 1976 Browne Night with Hants 77 AL, Took a bucket of water and watered out the fire after they’d all gone in.
  • 2004 DARE File TX [Black], Have this fire that’s fueling inside, just wanting me to die / Niggaz try to water it out, but they get burned when they try.
water out 1 + varr (Qq. Y43a, b)

2 See quots.[Prob calque of Norw utvanne]Norw settlement areas

  • 1970 Drache Challenge of Prairie 121 wND (as of a1914), “Lutefisk,” another Norwegian dish, was often on hand at Christmas, even though it came all the way from Norway in a “dry form and had to be watered out by the consumer.”
  • 1984 MJLF 10.159 cnWI, Water out. To de-salt meat by soaking it in fresh water.
  • 1989 in 2007 DARE File—Internet ND, [Hannaford Area Hist.:] Mrs. Johnny Haugen and Mrs. Marcus Bakken have “soaked and watered out” the lutefisk so as to get rid of the lye taste. Many wash tubs full of the lutefisk is used at these suppers.