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weaner house n

Also weaner, ~ cabin, weaning cabin, ~ housechiefly South Midland

A small house, usu on a family farm, provided as a temporary first home for newlyweds by the parents or other relatives of one of the couple.

  • 1929 Parker Grand Mt. School 43 nwAR (as of 1890s), The first two years together were spent in the “Weaner” house a short distance from the Parker home.
  • 1965 TN Hist. Qrly. 24.106 eTN, Later [the house] was used as a “weaner” by the Shields family. When one of the boys married, he occupied the house until he could get his own dwelling built.
  • 1973 Pennington Pedigrees 5.1.66 KY, Grandfather had a tenant house in which the young people lived until they could build their own house. He called it his “weaning house.”
  • 1977 San Jacinto News–Times (Shepherd TX) 14 Apr 5/8, It was built in 1868 for the Nikolas Crane family and used as a “weaning cabin.”
  • 1979 Our Smokies Heritage Sept 308 eTN, When the eldest son (about 18 yrs) decided to get married they built him a smaller log cabin and barn at the back of the Flats about a half mile away—This cabin was called the Weaner cabin or Honeymoon house.
  • 1981 Kennedy Our Baldridge Forebears 4 AR, As Wiley’s and Tennie’s children married, different ones of them lived in the old house so that it became known as the “weaning house”.
  • 1982 Slone How We Talked 5 eKY (as of c1950), Some parents had a small, one-room house close by where the newlyweds first lived, while waiting to build a house of their own. This house was called “a weaning house.”
  • 1990 in 2007 DARE File—Internet nwLA (as of 1930s), We still lived in the little “weaning house” almost three years later when baby Chris was born.
  • 2006 Ibid , My country relatives have employed something called a “Weaner House” or “Brooder House” for at least three generations to help start off new couples.
  • 2007 Ibid ceKY, Bascom inherited a portion of the original May Farm, and for many years he and his wife Annie lived in the Weaning House.