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whang v

With together, up, rarely out[Orig from whang n1 1 meaning spec to sew with thongs, but now freq assoc with whang to strike, bang]chiefly MidlandSee Map

To sew up quickly or roughly; to make or mend in a makeshift way.

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  • 1855 Smith Legends of War 330 KY, He “whanged,” together some pieces of deer skin, with the hair outside and wore it for a covering to his head in very cold or snowy weather.
  • 1859 in 1959 Colorado Mag. 102 MO, Stopped at noon two hours and whanged up my moccasins—pretty near barefooted.
  • 1892 Smith On Wheels 138 cwIL, I . . was encumbered with my heavy boots, which at Meridian I had so badly burned while drying them that the soles and uppers had to be “whanged” together with strings.
  • 1909 Pioneer Days SW 179, He then killed an antelope, took the hide and made the girls some moccasins, that is he whanged up something for their feet.
  • 1939 AmSp 14.92 eTN, To whang up. To sew up roughly. ‘She whanged up the ripped place.’
  • 1946 PADS 6.32 swVA, Whang up. . . To patch or repair a garment hurriedly. . . Occasional.
  • 1950 WELS (When a woman wants to sew up a torn place quickly, she says, “I’ll just _____.”) 1 Inf, csWI, Whang it up.
  • 1954 Harder Coll. cwTN, Whang it together. . . Whoop it up.
  • 1965–70 DARE
    Qu. W28, When a woman is in a hurry and has to sew up a torn place quickly . . “I’ll just _____.”
    Infs AR40, IL74, KY37, 84, MD17, MS59, MO4, OK1, 47, Whang it up; OH53, 87, OK47, Whang it together;
    Qu. W29, . . Expressions . . for things that are sewn carelessly . . “They’re _____.”
    Infs AR40, KY84, (Just) whanged up; MD17, Just whanged out; OH53, Whanged together. [10 of 11 total Infs comm type 4 or 5, 9 old, 8 gs educ or less]
  • 2005 in 2008 DARE File—Internet MD, Maybe I should whang together one of those PVC trebuchets I saw on the web a while back, and bombard her with water balloons.
  • 2008 Ibid OH, I just whanged up a couple of elisp modules to support fontified editing of Java source code.
whang v + varr (Qq. W28, W29)