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yee-yaw v

To swerve back and forth, wobble; hence ppl adj phr yee-yawing lurching, swaying.

  • 1935 Carter On Border 406 TX (as of 1873), No animal had ever seen in that country such a yee-yawing, patched-up train.
  • 1948 WELS Suppl. nME, It was a thrilling ride, to be perched on top of the heavy loads on the great sleds . . up and down over the icy pitches of the tote road, or yee-yawing dangerously from side to side.
  • 2004 in 2009 DARE File—Internet TX, It was awkward for me to sit on that yee-yawing bus holding the stroller.
  • 2008 Kennebec Jrl. Online (Augusta ME) 27 July (Internet), I watched a woman in the parking lot try four times yee-yawing her car back and forth to get out of the parking space, finally scratching another car.