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zori n

[Japanese zori (sg and pl); OED2 1823 →]esp Hawaii, West

A thonged sandal, esp one made of rubber.

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contains DARE survey quotes
  • 1958 ID State Jrl. (Pocatello) 30 Sept 12/6, [Advt:] “Zoris” Thong Sandals—Ideal Shower Shoes. . . 77¢.
  • 1960 Garfieldian & Garfield News (Chicago IL) 13 July sec G 7/1, [Advt:] Women’s and Children’s zoris—33¢—Rubber thong sandals that are perfect for beach, back yard or casual wear.
  • 1967 DARE
    Qu. W21
    Inf HI1, Zoris [zori]—Japanese slippers with a piece between the big toe and next toe.
  • 1972 Carr Da Kine Talk 90 HI, Zōri, the low Japanese thong slippers often called “go-aheads” and “grass slippers,” are worn by men and women of all ethnic groups and for many more occasions than in Japan.
  • 1972 McCormick Vocab. HI 73, Zori—sandal with piece between toes.
  • 1978 DARE File nCA (as of 1950s), During the summer we wore rubber thongs if any shoes at all. We called them flip-flops, but to some of our friends they were go-aheads or zories.
  • [1998 DARE File, I first encountered the rubber, foot shaped zori in late 1951. Several veterans of the Korean War . . wore these “Japanese shower shoes” around the barracks. . . [T]hey were not available in the PX at that time. . . [I]n February 1955, the foot shaped zori were available in the Camp Kilmer, NJ, PX. . . In September 1958 I . . discovered that zori were a popular item [at the University of Hawaii]. Most of the students wore them, and they were available in . . the sundries section of the supermarket.]
  • 2003 Guterson Our Lady 52 swWA, Was there really something called Florida Priest Week? A coterie of priests in bathing suits and zoris, discussing, say, the communion of saints?